Color-Matched Auto Painting in Chicago, Illinois

After an auto collision, the car or truck in question usually needs expert care to fully recover its appearance. Grand Auto Center offers high-quality auto body painting with expert color matching to restore your vehicle's original paint or give it a brand new look. Call us today at 312-226-1500 for service from ASE Certified auto body painters.

Our Process

Auto body painting by Grand Auto Center includes a professional chemical cleaning, dewaxing, hand and machine sanding, air-blown dust removal, cleaning with a tack cloth, a quality primer, multiple coats of premium paint, a thorough cleaning of the exterior and final clear top coating. Through this process, we provide vehicles with a “brand new” look.

Expert Color-Matching

Our auto body painters use the latest computer software to match the color of your vehicle with the greatest possible accuracy. No matter the extent of the repair, we can guarantee an exact match.
Satisfied Customer - Auto Body Paint in Chicago, IL

Call Us Today

Whether you need spot work or a completely new paint job, the best place for auto body painting in Chicago, Illinois is right here at Grand Auto Center. If you need paint work for your car or truck, stop by the shop or give us a call at 312-226-1500.